Sphinx Verilog Domain
Sphinx Verilog Domain

Symbolator compatibility test

module sincos(cos_z0, sin_z0, done, z0, start, clock, reset);

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sincos symbolic view

Sine and cosine computer. Source

This module computes the sine and cosine of an input angle. The floating point numbers are represented as integers by scaling them up with a factor corresponding to the number of bits after the point.

output signed [19:0] cos_z0;
reg signed [19:0] cos_z0;

cosine of the input angle

output signed [19:0] sin_z0;
reg signed [19:0] sin_z0;

sine of the input angle

output done;
reg done;

output flag indicated completion of the computation

input signed [19:0] z0;

input angle

input start;

input that starts the computation on a posedge

input clock;

clock input

input reset;

reset input